Reveal dignity.


My passion is to reveal the dignity of every soul that steps in front of my camera.


Mike Gorski

People fascinate me. Each person has a story. Each has dignity. Their lives are forged through diverse struggles and unique hopes, drawing out the complexity of their soul. And I marvel at the privilege of capturing that dignity and complexity, and indelibly preserving and displaying it through moving imagery.

My passion is to capture your dignity—the wonder of who you are and what you do—and connect it to others. If you are a business seeking authentic images to faithfully represent your brand, a publication looking to add eye catching imagery to propel your stories, or a professional in need of a headshot that doesn’t look like it was taken on an elementary school picture day, contact me.

You have a story. You have dignity. Let me show it to the world.



c: 307.760.5173 


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